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Getting a divorce in Ontario is often difficult and stressful, to ease the process, we have experienced divorce lawyers to guide you. Our online divorce application process is designed to suit your needs if you are seeking an uncontested divorce. Start yours today, it is quick, easy, and affordable.

How do you benefit from using our online divorce application process?

You will have experienced divorce lawyers to guide you.

All services provided by our Online Legal Clinic are supervised by experienced divorce lawyers.

Your divorce documents are reviewed and approved by a divorce lawyer to ensure your case is handled correctly every time. No need for corrections. No need to go to court. No need to see a lawyer.

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How our online divorce saves you more headaches.
Full Services

No need for you to guess what forms or court you file for your divorce. You provide your personal information; we prepare your divorce application forms and advice you of the right court for a divorce in your area. You receive detailed, specific filing instructions.

Secure & Safe

Know that your personal information is always safe. Experienced and reliable online divorce service using top-notch technology to ensure the security of your information.

Reliable and Convenient

You provide information for your divorce at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. No need to lose time off work or time with your family to be in court or to attend the lawyer's office.

Quick & Affordable

One flat fee for the preparation of your divorce application. Choose one of our packages below:

Base Package:
[ $500.00 plus HST] – Preparing a simple divorce application.

Premium Package:
[$1000.00 plus HST]—preparation of the divorce application, affidavit for divorce, affidavit of service, and four drafts of the final court order for divorce.

No hidden fees:
Receive your application within 72 hours of submitting your information online and paying your fees.

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We fully guarantee that your divorce application will be accepted for filing by your court office or your money back.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What documents do I need to file my divorce application?

A. You will need an original of your marriage certificate or a certified copy of your marriage certificate. If you do not have your marriage certificate, you can do the following:

1. If you are married in Ontario, purchase a copy of your marriage certificate at Service Ontario or call the Office of the Registrar General at 1-800-461-2156.

2. If you are married in another province or territory, order a copy of your certificate from the government of that province or territory.

3. If you are married from outside Canada, you can get an electronically issued marriage certificate plus a certified English translation from the country where you are married, and if it is not in English or French, get it translated into either English or French. If you do not know where to have your marriage certificate translated, ask our online support for a referral.

4. If you are unable to get a copy of your marriage certificate, you will need to explain why you cannot get your marriage certificate in your affidavit for divorce.

B. You may also need a copy of your separation agreement or prior court orders resolving other issues such as custody and access, child and spousal support, and division of family property if these were issues that needed to be resolved at the time of separation.

How does your service work?

A. The online divorce legal clinic makes it easy for all Ontario to want a divorce but cannot afford to hire a lawyer to do all the work. However, the preparation of your divorce documents is guided by an experienced divorce lawyer. Here is exactly how it works:

1. You complete the divorce intake form online, pay your fees,

2. Upon receipt of your online information and your fees, your divorce application will be prepared, and after it is prepared, it is reviewed by a divorce lawyer before it is sent to you via email for your review,

3. After you have reviewed, you email back to confirm that all personal information is correct, and once our online legal clinic receives your response, preparation of your divorce documents are finalized, and,

4. You receive a complete divorce package containing your final divorce Application, prepared affidavit for divorce, prepared draft divorce order, prepared affidavit for service, and detailed specific filing instructions,

5. After filing with the court the documents provided to you, you will receive a divorce order in the mail or via email after the court has completed all administrative tasks and the order issued by the court.

I have been separated for 3 years, does this mean I am divorced from my husband?

A. No. The mere fact does not terminate your legal marriage. You need a divorce order granted by the court to be divorced.

I have been separated for 5 months; do I need to wait for 12 months to be divorced?

A. It depends on your reasons for wanting a divorce. If your reasons for seeking a divorce are because you are separated from your spouse, then the answer is yes. You have to wait for 12 months before the Court can grant you a divorce order.

I was married in another country; can I get my divorce in Canada?

A: Yes. As long as you or your spouse have been living in one of the provinces in Canada for at least 12 months before your divorce application, you can apply for divorce at the family court where you or your spouse resides in Canada.

Other than fees for the preparation of my divorce documents, does the court charge fees?

A: Yes. The court charges court costs are listed on the ministry of the Attorney General's website and can be obtained from the courthouse near you. Currently, court fees are:

– $632 to file a joint divorce application,
– $212 to start a simple divorce application.

If you can't afford to pay the court fees in your case because your income is low, for example, under $20,000.00 per year, you can ask the court to waive them. If court fees are an issue, contact us, and we will assist you without obtaining a waiver.

I was divorced in another country; do I have to get a divorce in Canada again?

A. No, you do not need to get divorced again. But if you want to remarry in Canada, you will need to obtain a legal opinion from a divorce lawyer in Canada relating to your divorce obtained from outside Canada.

Call our experienced divorce lawyers at (613) 232-7900 to learn about foreign divorces.

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